day trip :: outhouse orchards + bluehill

Growing up in Indiana every May my family and I would obsessively hunt for Morel Mushrooms. With our lucky mushroom sticks in hand, we'd spend hours walking around the woods poking around at the ground, sounds fun right? Well, it was definitely a game, maybe we were competing in some sense which made it fun...I always remember I'd yell "FOUND ONE" and my dad would yell from across the woods, "DON'T MOVE MELIS!" as he'd scurry over. The mushrooms always nestled themselves in little communities, so if you find one, there are usually two or three stragglers nearby. If we were lucky we'd come home with several plastic bags full, soak them in salt water and then fry them up for days! Yesss FRY them up! I've been missing these days, my family and these tasty morels.
Recently, Kate, Stephan and I took a day away and headed outside the city for an early mushroom hunting trip (this was their first time)...hoping for a few early finds! So no morels yet, but we made some furry friends, got a few bug bites, had a few thorn bush accidents while trekking around in the woods, felt just like home! The day was still a little chilly and the photos feel a bit blue...but I assure you, my heart was definitely warm and fuzzy this day...only fuzzier when I actually find a Morel!

Our first stop was at Outhouse Orchards for some delicious cider donuts! These suckers are deliciousssss!! They practically have a petting zoo at this place, tons of roosters and ducks and little chickies and adorable baby goats running around. Also, apparently, Morels grow in abandoned orchards, so I was scouting out the property for any areas with older overgrown apple tree areas. We made a few pit stops along the way if we'd see a nice wooded area...then headed toward Blue Hill Stone Barns one of my favorite places!

A couple days ago, my brother texted me a pic and sure enough, he found one!! Said it took him 1.5 hrs to just find one...the game is on! See the pic he took holding the morel at the bottom. Now, to find time to walk around in the woods in May is definitely going to be a problem!

(pic of me by kate diago)


Jeanna Hayes said...

I can't get over your photography. It is beautiful and exquisite in every way! You are my hero! :)

Kristine Ambrose said...

Hey Mel. I have been following your work for years and have been inspired. Love your new blog posts. - Kristine Ambrose