Martha Stewart 15th Anniversary Party

We were honored to shoot the Martha Stewart 15th anniversary party at the beautiful Plaza Hotel this year! What a talented amazing group of people to work with :)
Darcy Miller the incredible host!!
Gorgeous floral by: Matthew Robbins Design
Music shown below: Elan Artists
Planning by Claudia Hanlin and Jennifer Zabinski of The Wedding Library
Venue: The Plaza Hotel, thanks Corey!!
Amazing food and cocktails: Peter Callahan, Great Performances, Morimoto, Ichiban
Amy Atlas for the beautiful candy table
Furniture: Taylor Creative
Photography by Mel Barlow Photography,
Carlos Varela, Roey Yohai, Shane Carpenter, Jonathan Hanson, Allan Zepeda,and Judith Weinberg

Matthew Robbins
, Claudia Hanlin, Darcy Miller, Sylvia Weinstock

Stage shot by: Carlos Andres Varela
Room shot by: Roey Yohai

Cake photo by: Shane Carpenter
Music photo by: Roey Yohai

Photo collage by Jonathan Hanson

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Elie's Papel said...

congrats on the job and those images are beautiful!