burrito blog :: lets merge!

I will now be posting more personal photography work on my "burrito" writing blog(sounds serious huh?). I have tried to keep it to my random writings, but it's now time to merge the two...if you would like to see more polaroids from arcade night, go to my burrito blog


happy :: valentines day!!

Lots of love to everyone today from Mel Barlow Photography!!

Thanks for the homemade cookies mom and dad :):)....we already ate them all (seriously-the whole box), but not before I got a few photos for proof that they did make it in the mail, perfectly intact! No broken hearts here...you can send them anytime!!


take that, rewind it back :: fall luncheon

This past week has brought up memories of fall, so we thought we’d share our fall harvest lunch at the Williamsburg Penthouse with the extremely talented Michelle Rago, Joe Wickes , Loulie Walker, and Casey Solomon. We enjoyed amazing food in wonderful company, thanks everyone for joining us, lets do it again!!

Casey with Cosevents, put together this stellar menu, check it out!
Amuse Bouche: curried pumpkin soup shot, lobster topped with a petite garlic crouton.
Salad: arugula, roasted butternut squash, shaved grana padano with toasted pine nuts.
Entree: coriander crusted pork tenderloin, white beans with lemon and rosemary and braised figs from her mother's garden.
Dessert: pumpkin pot de creme, vanilla bean cream and dark chocolate bat cookie.

A big thanks to....
eats: Casey Solomon with Cosvents
floral: StoneKelly
menus: Shana Sperling : contact us for more information
location: Williamsburg Penthouse
music: Elan Artists
rentals: Signature Event Rentals
Photos by: Mel Barlow and Judith Filgueiras Weinberg for Mel Barlow Photography


Editorial : Brides UK

Our favorite backyard "ferris wheel" wedding is charming the UK :)

(Photo credits: Cover image courtesy of Brides.com, Photo booth photo(top left)by Mel Barlow, other photo credit, Tiina Erameri)